Maria Salangina Photography - Maria istuu katolla

Photography for me

Our lives becomes beautiful not because we are perfect. To expose beautiness in imperfection, write my story by light, is my goal and path in photography.

My first touch to photo-process happened in a childhood. Actually I remember my childhood only in black in white photos, I’m still fill myself capsulated in a time-machine, wich goes to the past, to noisy rousted trams, to long shadows on a snow, to soft piles of dry leafs, to trees, wich grows on a roofs…My father developing films in a dark room with red lamp. It’s a magic, to see, how in an empty paper appears smiling people with sad eyes and places, which a not exiting anymore… Here is this place, in dark bathroom, with taping water in old apoartment of a center of Saint-Petersburg, when I decided to learn, how to catch the light. How to write a letter to myself from past to future, from child Masha to adult Maria, to write by this light.

Now, many years later I continue to write my stories by light. Making picture of people and for people, because I love them. People with sad light on they faces, which are longing for each other and disappears in a silence. When I feel the warm touch of light on they beautiful unperfect faces, I admire how light and shadow draws lines, around a spaces, bodies and faces. I wish to catch this moments of beautiness and let to people experience this moments of unconditional love and time of now.

Welcome to share these moments with me and my camera.

With love,