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Photographer Maria Salangina is a real seeker of beauty, Beata. Her images reflect the ideals of craftsmanship and the romantic concept of beauty by William Morris and John Ruskin of the 19th century, which leaves no room for conceptual interpretations. The aesthetic, ethereal and esoteric imagery of Salangina seeks timelessness: our linear conception of time seems to have disappeared and has been replaced by the cyclic theme of eternal return. The world of Salangina brings to mind the pre-Raphaelite portraits of Julia Margaret Cameron and the mythical Finnish landscapes of Into Konrad Inha. Salangina takes a distance from modernism, where only ugly is honest and where street credibility is based on endless variations of brutal ugliness. When breaking the rules becomes the norm, the latest paths can be found in the past. Salangina seeks the path to a meditative, secret garden whose golden age can only be found behind the heavy gates of antiquity. Tristan Ormfelt, visual artist


Selected Portaits